Hi, I'm Rodny,
a multidisciplinary designer crafting digital experiences that drive transformation. Combining insight, strategy, imagination & tech to deliver outstanding products and services.
Born in Chile, raised in Brazil. I began my career as a Graphic Designer in São Paulo, then moved into the agency industry, where I performed as an Art Director, crafting concepts for renowned companies.
For 17+ years, I have dedicated myself to digital design, specializing in UI/UX design and crafting innovative solutions. My journey in the United States commenced in the SF Bay Area, where there was an increasingly growing demand for digital designers at that time. Since then, I have been honing my skills, collaborating with product and service design teams on a variety of projects. These include web and mobile apps, IVIs, operational dashboards, design components, design systems, and branded UIs. My work involves developing engaging interaction designs, crafting detailed functional specifications, and creating visually effective designs, allowing me to make a lasting, influential impact on every team I collaborate with.
Currently working at S&P Global.