Hello, I'm Rodny, a Chilean born, Brazilian raised, American designer based in California. I started my career as a Graphic Designer back in São Paulo, Brazil, working alongside top designers and studios; later, I moved to the Advertising industry, where I worked as Art Director. Backed by my design background experience, I brought creativity and a keen aesthetic sense to marketing campaigns for brands like​​​​​​​ Nike, MTV, Adidas, Portugal Telecom, Honda, LG Electronics among others.
The last 10 years transitioned to Digital Design due to the growing demand for ​​product designers in the SF Bay Area. Since then, I've been collaborating with Product and Service Design teams, where I was responsible for the Visual Design of web & mobile apps, IVIs, and enterprise operational dashboards. Concepting and designing components, design systems, branded UIs, functional specifications, interaction, and visual design for a diverse range of clients.
With over 20+ years in the industry, I've achieved delightful and consistent design artifacts across multiple disciplines, from smart local businesses to global R&D labs, from big agencies to in-house teams.